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How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn Without Weed And Feed

March 2nd, 2017BlogComments Off on How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn Without Weed And Feed
How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn Without Weed And Feed

Nobody wants to have weeds on their lawn, but it can sometimes feel like a constant battle to get rid of them. Weed and feed is a common method to control weeds and it theoretically kills weeds while fertilizing the grass you do want. This product, however, has a combination of harmful chemicals that are bad for the planet, your health, and even the health of the lawn and soil in the long term. While they produce short-term results to control weeds, they do more harm than good in the long run, which is why some countries have even banned these products. Instead of using weed and feed, consider these proven methods that landscapers and arborists alike suggest.

Use Mulch To Control Weeds

Mulch does more than just ensure that your plants get enough water and nutrients; it can also help to control weeds. Apply two or three inches of mulch starting around three inches from your tree trunk root flare. This will encourage air and water to move through the mulch while preventing weed growth. Just remember that the layer of mulch has to be thick enough to control weeds and retain water while making it too thick will decrease air movement while causing too much water.

Use Pre-Emergence Herbicides To Control Weeds

You can also use pre-emergence herbicides to control weeds by preventing their annual growth in the first place. These herbicides are method to control weeds that target the weeds before they actually emerge from the ground, meaning that they will not cause damage to the grass or plants you want on your property. Just keep in mind that you should not apply to much of these herbicides as they do contain chemicals and can run off or drift despite their ability to control weeds.

Use Contact Herbicides To Control Weeds

If you have time on your hands, you can also use contact herbicides to kill the weeds that have emerged. The benefit of these products is that they will only kill the plants that they are applied to directly. Unfortunately, you will need to apply them to each and every weed on your property, which can be time consuming.

Spot Removal By Hand

Those who prefer to minimize the use of chemicals can also remove the individual weeds by hand using a hoe or shovel. The issue with this, however, is that it can be even more time consuming than contact herbicides and the weeds will likely grow back unless you get the young weeds that haven’t seeded yet.

Fill The Lawn With Other Plants

While weeds are highly invasive, they can’t grow if there isn’t any room for them. This means that if you plant perennial plants or dense ground cover on your property, you shouldn’t get many weeds. Of course, you would have to be willing to sacrifice your grass for these other plants, meaning there isn’t anywhere to play or walk over. That being said, there are certain strains of grass that are more resistant to weeds than others.

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