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Controlling Fire Ants In Central Texas

November 3rd, 2016BlogComments Off on Controlling Fire Ants In Central Texas

Fire ants in central Texas can pose a serious issue, particularly if they get in the way of you enjoying your lawn. Fire ants came from South American during the 1920s and have since made their way to numerous areas of the country. They are either red or black in color and around a quarter inch in length. You can recognize fire ants in central Texas by their large nests within the ground that can be as tall as one or two feet, although most people don’t let them get this high. It is very common to find the nests or mounds in your garden or lawn. Unfortunately, if it rains or gets too dry, the fire ants on your lawn may try to get inside your home.

Using Broadcast Treatments To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Central Texas

There are two main methods of eliminating fire ants in central Texas and all other areas of the country: broadcast and mound treatments. Most professionals suggest using a combination of the two methods for the best results as they each use a unique strategy. Broadcast treatments require you to spread the control method in a thin layer over your entire lawn. This method helps ensure that you target all the fire ants in central Texas grass, not just those whose mounds you can see. A broadcast product typically kills the fire ants already there and prevents new mounds for as long as six months although it depends on the product.

Using Mound Treatments To Eliminate Fire Ants In Central Texas

While broadcast treatments work to control fire ants in central Texas to some degree, they work best when combined with targeted mound treatments. This type of treatment is much more time consuming and expensive since it requires finding every single mound and applying a granular or dust product to the mounds. It is always a good idea to use mound treatments together with broadcast treatments since missing a single nest can leave you with an entire group of fire ants in central Texas to retake over your lawn.

Should You Prevent Or Eliminate Fire Ants In Central Texas

There are methods for both eliminating and prevent fire ants in central Texas so you may wonder which is ideal. If you already have these ants on your property, then you will clearly need to at least use elimination methods like mound treatments. That being said, it is typically easier to prevent the insects than getting rid of them. Luckily, broadcast treatments can be used to do both things at once. You can also prevent fire ants in central Texas with some help from fire ant baits that will kill the insects when they eat them. This bait is typically applied using the broadcast method. If you have taken preventative measures, you are likely to see fewer fire ants appear, making it easier to target them using mound treatments and reducing your work overall. Ideally, you will broadcast bait or a similar treatment in spring and fall and then use mound treatments as they become necessary to tackle the fire ants in central Texas.

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