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Why Organic Lawn Care Is The Answer

November 3rd, 2016BlogComments Off on Why Organic Lawn Care Is The Answer

Taking care of your lawn in Texas requires at least a little bit of effort, whether it is done by you or a professional. You may wonder why organic lawn care is so popular and simply put, it delivers the same results in an environmentally-friendly and completely safe method. Your lawn is healthier with organic methods and you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets playing on it after a treatment.

Why Organic Lawn Care Makes The Grass Healthier

Just like humans can become addicted to substances, your lawn can get “addicted” to fertilizers and overly frequent watering in the sense that it begins to rely on it. When this happens, your lawn isn’t as able to defend it against pests. This is why organic lawn care makes your grass healthier; it keeps it nice and strong so it can defend itself. With organic methods, your lawn can handle even the drought or hot sun in Texas and be strong enough to take care of weeds and occasional pests.

Why Organic Lawn Care Helps The Planet

It shouldn’t be hard to see why organic lawn care helps the planet. After all, if you aren’t using harmful chemicals, these substances don’t need to be produced and there is no risk of them running off and affecting the drinking water. Whether you are using fertilizer, pesticide, or something else, the manufacturing process itself can harm the planet as can the product itself. Organic methods are natural so the planet already produces them and knows how to handle the substances involved; you won’t be contaminating water in the area, putting your drinking water and that of local wildlife at risk.

Why Organic Lawn Care Makes You Healthier

Unsurprisingly, the harsh chemicals found in pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers can do some serious damage to humans and pets. Most modern insecticides contain organophosphates which are neurotoxins that are lethal to living organisms, whether that is an insect or a person. While you aren’t likely to die from using these products, they can negatively impact your health and cause serious issues for those with weakened immune systems or smaller bodies, such as pets. The answer to why organic lawn care makes you healthier is as simple as minimizing the number of chemicals that your body comes into contact with. There is no concern about playing on or sitting on your lawn after using organic lawn care methods like there would be with chemical-based methods.

Organic Lawn Care Saves Time And Money

Depending on your current lawn care regiment, opting for organic methods can save you time and money. While you may not notice the savings right away, you will eventually notice a huge difference. Since your lawn is healthier, you won’t need to spend as much time or money fighting off pests and disease. Instead, a great reason for why organic lawn care helps is that you encourage beneficial insects like lacewigs and ladybugs to take care of the pests that can actually harm your property. They take care of the hard work for you so you don’t have to invest time or money.

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