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What Is Pre-Emergent Weed Control And How To Use It

November 3rd, 2016BlogComments Off on What Is Pre-Emergent Weed Control And How To Use It

There are two main types of weed control products, pre-emergent weed control and those that target weeds that have already formed. Pre-emergent weed control is essentially a preventative measure in that it aims to take care of the weed problems before they ever emerge from the soil. Essentially, they make sure that weeds will never appear on your lawn at all. When pre-emergent control products used correctly, you will only have to apply minimal amount of weed killers to target the few weeds that manage to make it through.

How Pre-Emergent Weed Control Works

With pre-emergent weed control, you should never see the weeds break the soil of your property. The product still lets the seed germinate but then kills the young sprout when it is at its weakest. This way, you don’t have to worry about the weed seeds leading to future growth and you will never see the weed grow. Remember that if you just let the weed seed be or simply cover it with mulch or soil, it can lie dormant for years before germinating.

How You Use Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Every pre-emergent weed control product is slightly different, but they tend to follow the same general procedure. You will apply a liquid or granular version of the product on the soil and then typically activate it using water. The water will have to be enough to soak the pre-emergent weed control into the ground where it can do its magic. This product will then be effective in your soil for at least several weeks if not multiple months depending on the strength of the product and the ingredient it contains. Your lawn care expert can guide you to the correct usage of the pre-emergent weed control method and let you know when you will need to reapply it.

Best of all, you typically need to use less and less pre-emergent weed control every time you apply it. This product is unique in that eventually you won’t have to use a very high concentration of it, minimizing the impact on the planet of any chemicals within it and the effort you need to put in.

Easily Target Surviving Weeds

While pre-emergent weed control methods take care of the vast majority of weeds, there will always be a small number that manage to break through. Because these are so few in number, it is incredibly easy to take care of them, even if you do so one by one. After all, pulling up a half a dozen weeds or even a dozen only takes a few minutes. It can take even less time if you have an expert eye to spot them.

Things To Remember

Although pre-emergent weed control is an excellent method, it does have its limitations. If the weeds are already showing, this method will not work. The products need to be in place before the weed seed begins to germinate. Once that has happened, you need a weed killer. You also can’t seed new grass when using pre-emergent weed control since the products won’t target weed seeds; they will affect all seeds. Your landscaper can help you time planting new grass seed so it isn’t negatively affected by your pre-emergent weed control.

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