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Compost Tea

At Austin Lawn Medic, we aim to help with everything related to your lawn and that means offering a range of treatments. We can help you with traditional methods of controlling weeds, fire ants, and other issues with your grass and apply familiar fertilizers. We also offer some more environmentally friendly treatments like compost tea. This way, you get all the benefits of compost tea without having to go through the effort of making your own or dealing with the stench while it gets ready.

Making Compost Tea

We follow the same method of making compost tea that you would if you wanted to make it yourself. It is essentially a method of diluting compost with some water to nourish your lawn in a completely natural and organic way without dealing with any chemicals.

We suspend a large sack of compost that has finished within a barrel of water. Using a burlap sack is important because it has an open weave that lets water and nutrients mix, leaching these nutrients into the brew. The compost tea is just like soaking a teabag in a cup of warm water. Since we are a larger company, we brew a bigger batch, but you could also do it yourself with a single part compost for five parts water. Of course, you then have to let the burlap “teabag” of compost seep for an entire week or at least a few days, occasionally agitating it so more nutrients leave. This is the part that makes many homeowners prefer to use our compost tea.

Applying The Tea

You then apply the compost tea easily with sprayer or giant watering can. We prefer to apply it at dusk or early in the morning since this way evaporation is minimized and most of the “tea” makes it into the soil where it can spread nutrients to your lawn. During spring, summer, and fall, we suggest using compost tea one to two times every month.

Leave It To Us

Because of the smell associated with compost and the labor required to cover your entire lawn in compost tea, many homeowners feel more comfortable leaving this task to our team at Austin Lawn Medic. This way, you don’t have to figure out where to put your compost pile, find a bucket or sack to steep the tea in, or even worry about applying it.

Combine With Other Treatments

Because we offer a range of services at Austin Lawn Medic, you can easily combine the compost tea with other things. While this is a natural fertilizer supplement, some people feel better combining it with traditional chemical-based ones. This is crucial since compost tea provides nutrients, but doesn’t do everything a fertilizer does. It is also harder to control the macro-nutrients in compost whereas a fertilizer can target specific lacks in your soil. We can also apply the compost tea and treat your lawn for other issues, such as weed invasions or pests like fire ants. Keep in mind that while fertilizer needs to be used carefully with newly planted trees and lawns, compost tea does an excellent job of encouraging root growth in this situation.