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Fire Ant Control

Among all the problems that can plague your lawn, fire ants are among the worst, but Austin Lawn Medic is here to help with fire ant control methods. Both the black and red versions of fire ants are highly invasive and will create their mounds anywhere they want to. You may find them in the middle of your lawn, right next to the sidewalk, or even on the roots of a tree. Our experts can work with you for fire ant control to eliminate these ants and make your property safe to play or picnic on again.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as complete fire ant control except in rare cases and this will be the case with any professional you ask. That is simply because you can’t feasibly treat every single area or spot every ant given their size. Instead, we fire ant control involves suppressing these insects to an extreme degree; in most cases, you won’t even notice the small number that are still there following our treatment.

Expert Treatment

Because of how hard it is to get all of these insects, it is best to leave fire ant control to the experts at Austin Lawn Medic. We have multiple effective methods up our sleeves and know which fire ant control techniques work best in the Texas area. We can also confirm that the ants in question on your property are indeed fire ants, something most homeowners can’t do.

Common Fire Ant Control Options

One of the options for fire ant control is treating each mound individually, but this isn’t typically our preferred method. That is because going to every single mound requires a great deal of labor, making this method of control incredibly time consuming unless your fire ant problems are minimal or your property is small. This method also tends to be more expensive than other options and caries a risk of using too much insecticide.

Instead, our team at Austin Lawn Medic typically prefers to use a broadcast treatment for fire ant control. This will cover the entire yard in a single dose, making it much easier to dispense. It won’t hurt areas without fire ants but will successfully take care of the insects that it does come into contact. We can then follow up with mound-specific fire ant control treatments as necessary.

We may also suggest the use of fire ant control baits in some cases. These will attract the ants to a poison of some sort that is dissolved within a drink or food. The bait typically affects the ants’ nervous system or impact their growth or reproduction.

Frequency Of Fire Ant Control

If you ever notice fire ants on your lawn, you will want to contact us about fire ant control and keep scheduling follow-up treatments for intervals of about six months. Without these regular fire ant control treatments, the pests will simply return as the product we broadcast begins to spread out. Whether we use a broadcast poison, bait, or target the mounds directly, the results can only last so long.


Even with insects that are tough to handle, our team at Austin Lawn Medic makes sure to use the safest products for fire ant control available that are still effective. We only use products that have been approved for use on homes. We will let you know if you have to wait at all before walking on your lawn after fire ant treatment, but most of the time, your kids and pets can play on the lawn right away without a concern.