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Flea & Tick Control

Whether or not you have pets, flea and tick control is one of the biggest problems you can have on your lawn. Ticks can carry disease and put you at risk while fleas come with their own set of problems. If you ever go outside, you can easily end up bringing these insects into your home, something you definitely want to avoid. Luckily, Austin Lawn Medic is here to help. Our team has years of experience getting rid of and preventing them from living on your lawn in Austin via flea and tick control. With our help, you will never have to worry about these pests again.

Controlling Fleas and Ticks

To effectively use flea and tick control on your lawn, we take a look at your entire landscape, not just the grass itself. Ticks and fleas love wooded areas, shrubbery, and lawns. Our team will carefully search for all of the areas with these pests and then follow a flea and tick control treatment appropriately. Thanks to our expert eyes, we can spot issues that may be attracting these insects or even notice them in areas you didn’t realize they were.

Always Safe

To effectively handle flea and tick control on your lawn, we sometimes need to use stronger substances, but we will never put you or your family at risk. All of the products we use at Austin Lawn Medic for flea and tick control have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe to use outside in areas that people gather. We also target the specific areas with the problem to minimize the amount of chemicals used and the risk of runoff.

Figuring Out The Application Schedule

In addition to choosing the right product for flea and tick control on your Austin lawn, our team will determine the ideal application schedule. We typically suggest two to four applications of the relevant flea and tick control products throughout the year, but every situation is different. If your area of Austin, for example, has very few fleas and ticks, we may be able to reduce this.

Providing Advice

At Austin Lawn Medic, we don’t just apply a flea and tick control treatment to your lawn and then leave you to fight off the ticks and fleas yourself. If you have any issues, you are always free to contact us. We will also give you plenty of advice to make your lawn less appealing to these pests so you don’t need our flea and tick control services as often. Since both fleas and ticks prefer grass that is longer, we suggest keeping your lawn nice and short. We will also give you guidance for watering your lawn. While it does need water and other nutrients to thrive, overwatering can lead to a very moist area that is essentially an open invitation to ticks and fleas. In the case of lawn that is extra moist from drainage issues, we can aerate your lawn to help to some extent.

Whether you have fleas and ticks on your lawn and want to get rid of them or just want to prevent them from ever invading, contact Austin Lawn Medic to take care of the issue and have one less thing to worry about.