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Lawn Disease Control

There are an incredible range of illnesses that can affect your Austin property, but at Austin Lawn Medic, we have experience dealing with all of these through lawn disease control. At the very least, Texas residents don’t have to worry about snow-related mold since that is highly unlikely to occur on your property. That being said, we can help you with every lawn disease control affecting your lawn, whether it is spots, brown patches, rust, mold, or something else.

Keeping Your Lawn Disease Free

The first step in lawn disease control is making sure that your grass is healthy and strong enough to withstand these issues. Strong, healthy lawns are much less likely to be affected by lawn disease control issues than those without proper nutrients or water. Because of this, we suggest regular fertilization of your lawn. You can have us take care of this for you at least twice a year to get a gorgeous, strong lawn that becomes part of lawn disease control. If you spend a lot of time on the lawn, you may even want to fertilize it more frequently, but our experts at Austin Lawn Medic can let you know the ideal frequency for your property.

Common Lawn Diseases To Look Out For

There are at least a dozen issues that lead to lawn disease control that can impact your property and we can easily let you know which one you are dealing with. Dollar spot is common in humid areas, meaning you have to watch out for it in Austin. It includes circular patches that have reddish-brown borders. By comparison, brown patch typically affects moist areas and is circular patches in light brown. There can also be mold or fairy ring, something that affects dry, hot areas or moist, mild areas and creates circular patches with dark green. All of these require lawn disease control steps to bring your lawn back to normal.

Applying Fungicide

For certain lawn disease control situations, our preferred method will be applying a fungicide that can target the factors to blame. This is the ideal way to take care of dollar spot and brown patch along with some other common lawn disease control causes. Some good indications that your lawn has a fungus and needs some special care include lesions on leaves, dark growth by the base of plants, shriveled or shredded grass blades, bleached turf, spots or patches, and stunted growth.

Providing Advice For The Future

After we are done with the lawn disease control treatment in question, we will make sure we leave you with all the knowledge you need so the issue doesn’t reoccur. Simple things like watering your lawn properly and mowing in the right way can actually have a big impact.

When watering, for example, part of lawn disease control is making sure that the grass blades remain dry in the long run. If they are wet for too long, this leaves them prone to mold and other common issues. This is why we suggest watering your lawn in the morning as this gives the grass blades enough time to dry, decreasing the risk of disease.

You will also want to mow your lawn regularly to help with lawn disease control. If you make it too short, this actually makes the grass weak while keeping it too long makes it appealing for insects. Every type of grass has its own ideal height and our team at Austin Lawn Medic can let you know what that is for your particular grass strain.