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Lawn Fertilization

At Austin Lawn Medic we know the importance of a lawn fertilization. Not only will your lawn look better when it is properly fertilized, but it will also be stronger, helping it fight off weeds, pests, and other issues. Healthy lawn fertilization even helps the planet. The grass on your lawn will produce oxygen and even help cool off the air during those hot Texas summers. The lawn can also trap then absorb pollution and dust, helping to improve air quality.

Simply put, proper lawn fertilization will make your grass thrive and ensure it is the beautiful green color that makes your front yard the envy of the neighborhood. With help from Austin Lawn Medic, you don’t have to worry about choosing a lawn fertilization product, figuring out when to use it, or even learning how to properly apply it. We will take care of every aspect of lawn fertilization for you so you won’t get dirty or have to deal with the manual labor in the Austin heat.

Safe Lawn Fertilization

Some lawn fertilization products use harsh chemicals and can’t come in contact with people or animals. At Austin Lawn Medic, we aim to always make your lawn usable which is why we opt for safe yet effective lawn fertilization methods. Our goal is to give you a healthy, thriving lawn without restricting your access to it. With our help, you should be able to use your lawn the same day, even letting your pets and children playing on it without a worry.

When To Fertilize

We can do lawn fertilization any time of the year, but for the best results, our experts suggest doing it at the right time of the year. We suggest that you hire us for lawn fertilization before the rainy season so your grass can make the most of this extra moisture. Since you live in Austin, we don’t have to worry about making sure your lawn makes it through the winter, something that would be a concern for someone who lives in the northern portion of the country and can affect lawn fertilization timing.

Because of our knowledge and experience, you will never find us suggesting lawn fertilization during a drought unless you guarantee you will be able to provide it enough water through your sprinklers. If the grass doesn’t get enough water, the lawn fertilization will simply go to waste as it needs rain to function correctly. That being said, we try not to fertilize right before a strong thunderstorm since this will wash away all the nutrients we added through lawn fertilization, wasting your money and our time.

Giving You Advice

While our team at Austin Lawn Medic will do the tough part of fertilization by determining the nutrients your lawn needs and suggesting the product then applying it thoroughly, we will leave you with advice to make sure you get the results you want. This may involve suggestions for using your sprinkler if it doesn’t rain or it may even be advice as to how to mow. For example, we typically suggest you avoid mowing your lawn when it is dry for a long time. If you have to cut it during dry weather, only trim it slightly. Otherwise, save your real mowing for a time when there will be rain in the near future; this way, the fertilizer will be put to good use.