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Lawn Pest Control

When most people think of caring for their lawn they don’t imagine doing much more than making sure it is watered and fertilized. In reality, however, lawn care also has to include keeping pests away with lawn pest control. Sometimes pests will be in the form of insects like ants and spiders that invade the lawn and creep closer to your house. Other times they will be ticks and mosquitos that enjoy the grass and don’t let you go outside without being bitten. Regardless of the pest, Austin Lawn Medic can help you with lawn pest control so it remains healthy and these pests don’t interfere with your enjoyment of your yard.

Controlling Ticks And Mosquitos

Mosquitos and ticks are both known for their ability to bite and cause an annoyance or even more severe issues, requiring lawn pest control. Austin Lawn Medic can work with you to keep both ticks and mosquitos off your lawn so you don’t have to worry about catching something like Lyme disease or the West Nile virus from these pesky insects.

Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Home

Unfortunately, your lawn is an appealing place for creepy crawlers like roaches, spiders, flies, and ants to roam thanks to the shade and food sources. Since your grass is right next to your home, this means they may take the logical step and try to break inside or even just take over your patio or other outdoor areas without proper lawn pest control. Austin Lawn Medic can handle the lawn pest control and make sure they never even get close to your home, giving you peace of mind.

Prevention Or Pest Control

Whether you want lawn pest control because these insects are already on your lawn or you want to prevent them from ever making their way over, our team can help you. Our years of experience providing lawn pest control to Austin residents means that we know which pests are the most common invaders and the best methods of dealing with them. Some of the most common lawn pest control issues we deal with include fleas, ticks, and fire ants, but we have experience keeping a wide range of these insects and other problem-causers off your yard. We can even help you bring your lawn back to its former health after a mole digs it up or some other wild animal makes a mess as this is a form of lawn pest control.

Even things like weeds and certain strains of grass can be require lawn pest control when they take nutrients away from your preferred grass and then grow to take over the space. They can lead to an unattractive appearance on your lawn that you want to eliminate as soon as possible. Our team can handle nutsedge, vegetation, moss, dallisgrass, crabgrass, Bermuda grass, and other issues in addition to the other lawn pest control issues mentioned above.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

In addition to targeted treatments for lawn pest control, we will also work on your lawn pest control by keeping your grass as healthy as possible. Remember that healthy plants, whether they are trees or tiny blades of grass, are better able to resist damage caused by insects and other pests. With our help, your lawn can easily rebound from the stress and destruction of these pests, returning to its former glory.