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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree and shrub fertilization is important if you want your land to look as good as it can. That is why at Austin Lawn Medic we offer more than just lawn fertilization; we can also assist with tree and shrub fertilization on your property. Fertilization is the best way of ensuring that all the greenery on your property gets the necessary nutrients, regardless of the weather.

With proper tree and shrub fertilization, your plants will grow quickly and look healthier. They will have normal-sized or large leaves and be a rich, vibrant green that looks beautiful and shows off their health. Because fertilized shrubs are healthier, they are also more resistant against disease or pest infestations.

We Know When To Fertilize

If you were to do tree and shrub fertilization yourself, you would be left trying to figure out the best time of the year to do so. The majority of plants do best when fertilized during late April to early May as this gets them ready to take advantage of the sunlight and rainfall during the summer. We also favor tree and shrub fertilization in fall as a way to make sure they get adequate nutrients during the winter. While this isn’t as significant of an issue in Austin as it is in states further north, it is still an important consideration for your tree and shrub fertilization. Because our team at Austin Lawn Medic is familiar with the unique soil and plant requirements in Texas, we can strategically plan the tree and shrub fertilization so your shrubs get the best results.

Choosing The Right Fertilizer

Picking a tree and shrub fertilization product is more complicated than simply going to the store and buying the first one you see. Instead, you will need to look for certain ingredients and macro-nutrients depending on your specific soil conditions and the shrubs in question as each have their own requirements. This can be too complicated for the average homeowner, which is why Austin Lawn Medic provides all the tree and shrub fertilization services you need. With our years of experience and familiarity with Austin soil and plant species, we know exactly which fertilizer will be best for your property. We also make safety a priority and try to avoid fertilizers that contain too many harsh chemicals as these can damage the environment or even put your family and pets at risk.

We frequently get questions about whether we use the same tree and shrub fertilization products as we do on the lawn and it depends. Many lawn fertilizers also contain herbicides which will interact poorly with these plants, meaning they actually do more harm than good on trees. Grass also tends to have different nutritional requirements than shrubs or trees do, which means that a tree may grow as nicely or have as many fruit or flowering growths with lawn fertilizer.

Instead of guessing, it makes sense to just leave the tree and shrub fertilization to the experts. We can analyze your trees and soil and then apply the fertilizer quickly and effectively. Just follow our instructions in terms of watering and your plants will continue to thrive.