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Weed Control

When you think of your dream lawn, the biggest obstacle to achieving that goal is probably weed control. At Austin Lawn Medic, we specialize in controlling weeds so you never have to worry about them and can instead enjoy a flawless lawn. Knowing how to target the weeds when applying fertilizer to your lawn to stimulate its overall growth can be a challenge, but thanks to our years of experience in weed control, we know the proper procedure. In a short amount of time, you can have a weed-free lawn with gorgeous green grass that is thriving and healthy.

Multiple Methods Of Weed Control

To make sure we provide the best weed control, the team at Austin Lawn Medic has a multi-pronged approach. We have a range of products we have been using for years that prevent weeds from sprouting in the spring when the rest of your plants are growing. We also have other weed control products and methods that we rely on to control the pervasive weeds that somehow slip through the cracks and try to grow during the summer. At the right time, we will apply the weed control products directly to these harmful growths so none of your grass, trees, or other plants suffer unnecessary damage.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Luckily, one of the best methods of keeping weeds from taking over your lawn is ensuring that your grass is healthy. Because of this, our weed control team focuses on ensuring your lawn receives all the nutrients it needs and that your soil is properly balanced. In most cases when the lawn is obviously unhealthy and filled with weeds, we recommend focusing on improving the grass’s overall health first before direct weed control. We will also combine this with effective weed treatments, but fertilizing and stimulating growth of your grass will be the number one priority in this situation. Then, once the lawn is healthy enough, we can strategically target the weeds to give your landscape the appearance you want via weed control methods.

Staying Safe

As professionals, the team at Austin Lawn Medic always makes safety a priority, especially when using chemicals and other substances for weed control on your property. We will give you instructions on whether you can go onto the lawn right after the treatment or how long you have to wait. In most cases, it is safe to go on the grass right away after weed control, but you will get better results if you don’t let anyone walk or play on it until the treatment has dried. This way it will have time to penetrate the weeds and do its job completely.

At Austin Lawn Medic, we always use the latest methods for control so you don’t have to worry about a significant environmental impact on your property or any other issue. We have a range of weed control methods up our sleeves, including herbicides that only target weeds, those that stop seeds from germinating, and those that kill the growing plants. After evaluating your lawn, including its overall health and the number of weeds you have, we will determine the best course of action and get you on your way to a weed-free lawn with our weed control experience.