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  • Lawn Fertilization

    At Austin Lawn Medic we know the importance of a lawn fertilization. Not only will your lawn look better

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

    Tree and shrub fertilization is important if you want your land to look as good as it can. That is why at

  • Lawn Pest Control

    When most people think of caring for their lawn they don't imagine doing much more than making sure

  • Fire Ant Control

    Among all the problems that can plague your lawn, fire ants are among the worst, but Austin Lawn Medic can help.

  • Weed Control

    When you think of your dream lawn, the biggest obstacle to achieving that goal is probably weed control.

  • Flea & Tick Control

    Whether or not you have pets, flea and tick control is one of the biggest problems you can have on your lawn.

  • Compost Tea

    At Austin Lawn Medic, we aim to help with everything related to your lawn and that means offering a range

  • Lawn Disease Control

    There are an incredible range of illnesses that can affect your Austin property, but at Austin Lawn Medic